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0005282ardourbugspublic2013-01-21 14:44
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Summary0005282: Trimming the end of a MIDI region causes rendering glitches
DescriptionWhen you trim the end of a MIDI region so that some of the notes contained within the region are cut off, some part of their display persists on-screen. Dragging this region to the left causes more of these glitches to be rendered.

Steps to reproduce:
* Create a new MIDI region, and enter notes in to it
* Trim back the end of the region, so that several notes are cut off
* You should see short vertical lines persist on-screen where the region was trimmed -- they seem to correspond to the starts of the notes within the trimmed region
* Drag the to the left -- further glitches should be rendered trailing the region

I've attached a screenshot which demonstrates the problem. On track "MIDI 2" you can see two copies of the same region; the second copy has been trimmed in half. The area that was trimmed off the second copy shows the glitches.
Additional InformationOS: Debian Unstable AMD64
Ardour 3 SVN r13921
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cannot reproduce.

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