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0005281ardourbugspublic2013-01-20 07:05
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Summary0005281: Toggling MIDI channels on/off causes notes to be redrawn outside of their region
DescriptionSteps to reproduce:
* create two MIDI tracks, one above the other
* in the lower MIDI track, create a region and add some notes
* in the lower track, scroll the scroomer down, so that the notes within that region are "behind" the MIDI track above
* toggle the MIDI channel for those notes off and on. The notes, which should not be visible, are rendered over the top of the upper MIDI track

I've attached a screenshot which demonstrates this: MIDI notes entered in to regions on track "MIDI 2" are visible on top of track "MIDI 1" after scrolling the scroomer down and toggling channel 1 on track "MIDI 2" on and off
Additional InformationOS: Debian Unstable, AMD64
Ardour 3 SVN r13921
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2013-01-20 07:05


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