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0005277ardourbugspublic2013-01-18 21:51
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Product Version2.8.14 
Summary0005277: Freezing a track after inserting plugin effect does not refresh waveform and right-clicking waveform rightafter crashes Ardour
Description- Open some audio track.
- Insert a plugin effect, let's say, a compressor.
- Freeze the region, so that it can incorporate the plugin changes.

On a normal situation, the waveform would refresh showing the modifications to it, caused by the plugin, but it doesn't happen, and when you try to unfreeze or right-click the menu context to unfreeze, ardour segfaults.
Additional InformationReproducible with 2.8.14 and 2.8.16.
Systems: Fedora 18, Slackware 14.0, Ubuntu 12.10, Archlinux.

[ 5908.697222] ardour-2.8.14[30659]: segfault at 268 ip 0000000000651db3 sp 00007fffa834d9e0 error 4 in ardour-2.8.14[400000+5a3000]
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