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0005274ardourbugspublic2013-01-18 08:56
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Summary0005274: Wiimote support seems broken. stepping forward/backward problem.
DescriptionPreviously left and right controls on the wiimote advanced transport a certain step forward or backwards but now the step is close to nothing which renders that particular control useless.
Additional Informationbuild 13874

Probably related to the big changes done with transport, forward/backwards and shuttle. 5264 and others
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2013-01-17 22:53

reporter   ~0014493

Ok, It is not broken but not in a usable state when it comes to fast forward or rew


2013-01-18 08:56

reporter   ~0014498

Bug 5264 is probably related IMHO

Before 5264 was fixed. Messing with forward backward playing using keyboard shift+right/left arrow was causing backward playing to fail. The failure was that backward playing would sound normal for the amount of time playback buffers were set. Default playback buffer is 5 seconds and that would give me 5 sec of forward playing (sound wise) whenever starting a reverse playback. After 5 sec, the sound would seamlessly start sounding backward. Las did some changes to fix this and fix was almost successful. There is still (today) a way to get that bug to show up but that is reported in the same bug. 5264. I think wiimote was affected by the transport behavior change.

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