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Summary0005251: FreeBSD patch files
DescriptionAs suggested by Robin (see ) I send some patch files for Ardour revision 13630, the latest I tried.
As you can see from the ardour users archive, I've been advised of some workarounds I made that are examples of bad programming, but here they are anyway because I can barely turn on my personal computer for the next 3 ou 4 weeks to improve them.
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2013-01-05 02:14



2013-01-05 10:20

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The patches concerning actual code have been merged. The ones related to built-scripts or include paths have not:

These two should be unnecessary when using pkg-config. You just need to add
PKG_CONFIG_PATH (to where lilv's .pc is) to the CONFIGURE_ENV, before running ./waf configure.

  * patch-wscript.diff
The 'dlopen' and 'sanity_check' issues are fixed in recent SVN.
As for detecting SSE, simply hardcoding is not an option.
There should be scripted solution like the /proc/cpuinfo check for linux.

  * patch-libs-surfaces-wscript.diff
What is the issue there? if you have 'linux/input.h', it should compile, no?
Could you please post the compile error?
Granted '/dev/input/event%d' is probably Linux specific. Maybe this should only be compiled
if the platform is linux? Any suggestion(s)?x.

Not sure what can be done about this.
This might be an issue with wine on BSD or with A3beta5 that has been fixed meanwhile.

  * patch-libs-midi++2-midi++-ipmidi__port.h.diff
a modified version has been merged upstream. The diff was somewhat cluttered. Please test if the
applied changes are working.

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