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Summary0005246: MIDI controller data is obeyed when playing from middle of MIDI track
DescriptionAttached is a little project.

Play the first MIDI region to the point where the Main Volume is driven down to the lowest level and stop.
Now move the playhead somewhere in the middle of the second region and press play. The volume will be the last volume where you stopped in the first region.

However the second region has its own volume, though the point where it is set, is at the very beginning of the section.
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2013-01-03 10:42

reporter   ~0014417

Sorry forgot the NOT, MIDI controller data is NOT obeyed when playing from middle of MIDI track


2013-01-03 10:43

reporter   ~0014418

This happens on SVN 13756


2013-01-03 14:55

administrator   ~0014422

This is a known and very complex issue. It is worth noting that it took Cubase and others many, many releases before they added this functionality. It is planned for the future, but it is far from simple to implement.

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