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0005237bugs2020-04-19 20:16
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Summary0005237: Loop playback doesn't work for MIDI
Description1. Create a MIDI track, assign an instruments, e.g. Calf Organ
2. Add some notes to a MIDI region.
3. Set loop playback mode.
4. Start playing.

A3 will only send MIDI notes once. As soon as it returns to the beginning, it stops sending notes to the plug-in.
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duplicate of 0005050 closedpaul Problem looping midi 
related to 0004168 closedpaul when synced to JACK-transport: loop-playback loops only once or never. 
related to 0006140 closedccaudle first loop playback is incorrect, subsequent are correct 


2013-01-23 02:12


Trrrrr.tar.bz2 (10,240 bytes)


2013-01-23 02:16

reporter   ~0014570

The attached test session (using setBfree as an LV2 instrument) is an example of incorrect behaviour. Both end loop and end session markers are slightly beyond the end of the MIDI clip, so A3 should send note-off, go to the end and return to the beginning. It only happens the first time the loop is played. Sending note-off doesn't really work the second time A3 reaches the end of the clip.

Sorry about localized marker names, but pressing L is universal anyway :)


2013-01-23 12:29

reporter   ~0014574

I noticed this bug awhile back too but it has since been fixed, for me at least. I opened up your session and had no problem with midi while looping it. What build are you using. Latest revision is 13974.


2016-06-08 21:40

administrator   ~0018242

Can no longer reproduce with Ardour 4.7 - closing

There have been quite a few changes to midi-looping since.


2020-04-19 20:16

developer   ~0023173

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