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0005226ardourbugspublic2012-12-24 21:07
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Product Version2.8.14 
Summary0005226: Clearing inserts on Audio Track leaves a mono Track stereo
Description1.) Insert a Plugin in the Prefader Section wich converts the Track from Mono to Stereo. For example GVerb or a Mono to Stereo Splitter

2.) Click Right Mouse on the same Insert section and choose "clear" from the context menu.

3.) See at the bottom of the Track that it still has 2 Pan Contols visible.

4.) Using the delete command from the Context menu behaves correctly


Closing and Reopening the Session when this Bug hits fixes the issue.

It does not only seam to be a bug in the GUI since using the Track with other plugins after you have followed the steps above creates Segfault crashes of ardour. I tested it with LinuxDSP and with Calf Plugins. Both produced a Segfault crash after fiddeling around in their GUI and adjusting parameters.

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