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0005191ardourbugspublic2012-11-26 20:50
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Summary0005191: Arrow keys in the mixer window have perplexing behaviour.
DescriptionI don't know what the arrow keys are supposed to do in the mixer window, but I'd be alarmed if the current behaviour is by design.

Sometimes the up & down arrows adjust the pan width, and left & right arrows the pan position of the channel under the mouse cursor; sometimes the up & down arrows adjust the channel fader of the channel under the mouse; sometimes they don't do anything; and sometimes they affect a channel that's not under the mouse.

I propose that the left & right arrow keys should select the previous or next track, and that up & down should probably affect the selected track's fader, but as long as the behaviour is discoverable & consistent I'd be happy.
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2012-11-26 20:50

updater   ~0014298

Ah, it seems that when the mixer window is first shown, up & down arrow adjust the fader of the selected channel, and left & right do nothing.

As soon as the mouse cursor passes over a panner, that panner 'captures' the arrow keys, which then only affect that panner, until the mouse passes over another panner.

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