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0005176ardourbugspublic2012-11-18 15:06
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Summary0005176: inconsistent cursor shapes in the trimming strip
Description1. Create a new session with default options.
2. Add a MIDI track.
3. Click in the track to create an empty region.
4. Zoom in the region to get better visibility.
5. Hovering over the left half or the region trim strip gives a double arrow cursor shape, while the right half a simple left arrow (ignoring the brackets); pressing the left mouse button changes this cursor into a double arrow as well.

This inconsistency does not seem intentional to me. Also, this is not specific to MIDI regions, but this is the case I managed to reproduce reliably.
Additional InformationI welcome that a single click alone does not trim the region anymore like it did in Ardour 2.
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