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0004990ardourbugspublic2012-07-11 23:22
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Summary0004990: Changing the track name will not change the recorde audio files names
DescriptionOn OSX Lion svn 12990.
I will happen when the name change acures after recording some audio.
See attached movie.
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2012-07-05 09:35



2012-07-06 18:05

administrator   ~0013793

this is intentional. do you have a case for changing the file names?


2012-07-08 08:47

reporter   ~0013805

Yes, Lets say I open a new track for distortion guitar and name it "Distortion" but thru the recording session I understand that it doesn't work well and what I do need is a "Clean" one.
So I record a clean guitar and change the track (Playlist) name to "Clean".
Why wouldn't I want the files names to follow?


2012-07-09 11:43

updater   ~0013818

Existing file names obviously shouldn't change (Ardour after all is non-destructive), but newly recorded files should be named according to the name of the track at the time of recording, not the name that the track had when it was first recorded on. I'm sure this is how it used to work: it's certainly how A2 does it, and not what A3 does now.

It seems that even when creating a new session from a template the original track name is somehow remembered: I've ended up with sessions in A3 where the 'fiddle' track regions were all named 'drums guide', and all the drum guide regions named 'fiddle' because I renamed the tracks in the session from which I created the template.


2012-07-09 12:08

reporter   ~0013820

Thanx colinf, I never meant to change existing files names, thats irrational.

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