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0004977ardourbugspublic2012-07-08 08:40
ReporterBenSpector Assigned To 
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Product Version3.0 beta4 
Target Version3.X 
Summary0004977: Playlist name doesn't refresh
DescriptionOn OSX Lion
See attached movie
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2012-07-01 14:08



2012-07-04 22:10

administrator   ~0013781

There's a bit of confusion here. The name to the left of the track controls is the track's name, and the names in the menu are playlist names. They are different, although if you rename a track has never been recorded on it will rename the current playlist to be the name of the track.

So what you are seeing is expected as is, but may need changing as it does feel a little odd.


2012-07-05 00:02

administrator   ~0013782

In SVN 12990 the playlist is not renamed with the track if there is more than one playlist; this should make things a little less confusing. Any more advanced changes here can wait until 3.X, I think. Thanks!


2012-07-05 08:03

reporter   ~0013785

A. I can still reproduce the same behavior in 12990.
B. I have attached another movie showing the same situation in PT, that feature in Ardour is very similar and even carys the same name, I think what happens in PT is very understandable.

2012-07-05 08:04



2012-07-06 18:08

administrator   ~0013795

ben, how did you ensure that there was only 1 playlist for the track with 12990?


2012-07-06 18:42

administrator   ~0013800

to clarify the logic ardour follows here, renames only happen if:

 a) the playlist has never had a region added to it and
 b) there is only one playlist for this track.

If (a) is not followed, people can get confused if, say,
they have notes about a playlist with a given name and then
it changes (see mantis 0004759).

If (b) is not followed, we rename the current playlist and not
the other ones, which is a bit confusing

(this text was taken from a comment in commit 12990)


2012-07-08 08:40

reporter   ~0013804

This all have something with mantis 4990 ( Changing the track name will not change the recorde audio files names).
This is the way I see it:
*The track name is the name of the playlist playing at the moment.
*The Audio file gets its name from the playlist it is being recorded at.
*When playlist name is changed, future audio files will follow.

Why would anyone want to change the track (Playlist) name without changing the files?
Why would anyone not want to see which playlist he is using?

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