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0004975ardourbugspublic2012-07-12 13:59
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Summary0004975: Automation doesn't follow's editing
DescriptionOn OSX Lion
When copying a region, duplicating it, or moving it to a different track, the automation data will not follow.
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2012-07-10 20:10

administrator   ~0013844

we don't consider automation data to belong to regions. it belongs to a track. we therefore (optionally) move it when moving a region within a track, but we do not copying a region.

there are years of discussion from IRC and the ardour-dev mailing list about this topic. there are drawbacks to both the PT model and Ardour's.


2012-07-11 07:44

reporter   ~0013853

Well, all other DAWs do consider automation data to be a part of the region, and I can't really see a difference between moving, copying and duplicating regions.
It is very common to decide, in the middle of the production process of a song, that a specific part should be doubled (an intro, last chorus, etc.) , in your method that would be almost impossible to accomplish.
Also other DAWs give you the option to range select automation data, and then copy, paste, delete, nudge and duplicate it.
If I have to choose between having automation data always moving with the regions and never, I will defiantly choose always.
It is way easier to delete than write again.


2012-07-11 11:28

administrator   ~0013854

actually, they don't. they vary quite substantially if you look across the full range.

the critical problem with linking automation data to regions is that it becomes impossible (or hacky/kludgey) to create and edit automation data for busses, which have no regions.

therefore, any design for this necessarily has to fudge something; either automation data IS totally associated with regions, and some kind of hack is done to permit automation of busses. or automation data is associated with the track/bus object, and some kind of hack is done to permit the appearance of it being related to regions. ardour currently does the latter, but as you have discovered, the current extent to which we do that is not that great.

also note that you *can* select/copy/paste/nudge/delete/duplicate automation data.


2012-07-12 13:59

reporter   ~0013873

1-Cubase and PT does and in logic its in the prefs.

2-OK, but somehow it works good.

3-Again, from the users view, I would like the automation to follow region when there is a region.

4-Not really, I can range select it , (sometimes, sometimes its impossible to select the automation without the region) but I can't duplicate or copy/paste it normally. (I will fill more bugs)

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