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0004962ardourbugspublic2016-09-19 08:52
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Product Version5.3 
Summary0004962: Undo doesn't work on writing automation
DescriptionOn OSX Lion.
Command+Z will not undo recording automation.
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2016-09-19 08:51

developer   ~0018684

I can confirm there are still issues with undoing automation recording using 5.3(official linux 32-bit build).

Some things I'm seeing:

Adding automation data in Write mode on the Fader control, after transport is stopped there is not an undo entry in the menu to undo the write pass.

Adding automation data in Touch mode on the Fader results in an undo entry but undo/redo does not seem to have any affect and data remains visibly and audibly the same.

Adding automation data in Write mode on the Mute control results in an undo entry but again undo/redo does not have any affect.

Performing 2 Touch automation passes and then undo does nothing, undo again does nothing but redo at that point gets back to the state of the first pass. So something is working, just not correctly or predictably.

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