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0004905ardourfeaturespublic2012-07-12 00:15
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Summary0004905: Auto learned assigned biding are lost between sessions when a control surface is selected
DescriptionBecause of the lack of "pan" function in the scheme, when I try to assign the pan knob by auto-learn, it work, but it's not persistent between session.
But if I deselect my surface control, it work again ??
I think that both way of asigning function could cohabits, this is especially needed for plugins who change a lot between production type, it look evident for me that some of the knobs will need to be assign manually depending of your particular work flow, and that editing the xml is not the way to go.

So basic transport, fader, pan, solo, rec and mute cold perfectly be hard coded in the, and all the other knob let to be assigned manually.
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