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0004891ardourbugspublic2012-06-25 21:08
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PlatformDell D830 core2duo T9300 2.5GHzOSKubuntuOS Version12.04
Target Version3.0 
Summary0004891: Splitting a region with a steep gain line results in gain curves that don't represent the original
DescriptionSplitting a region with a steep gain line results in gain lines that don't represent the original. Not sure if it is just a visual issue or the gain is changed as well. Either way, it's not right.

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2012-05-27 23:32


regionsplit1.jpg (16,575 bytes)   
regionsplit1.jpg (16,575 bytes)   

2012-05-27 23:32


regionsplit2.jpg (12,909 bytes)   
regionsplit2.jpg (12,909 bytes)   


2012-06-25 21:08

administrator   ~0013705

This is because the line between the points is a bit of a lie; it should really be a curve. Not sure of the best thing to do about this.

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