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0004886ardourfeaturespublic2012-06-26 00:33
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Summary0004886: Mackie profile for BCF2000 in LC mode
DescriptionThe default LC map that Behringer uses on the BCF is not ideally suited for ardour. A good set of profiles are needed to leverage the limited functionality of the bcf.

I have attached an mcp profile.
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2012-05-25 19:00



2012-05-25 19:00

reporter   ~0013298

Adding printable templates to explain the mapping.

2012-05-25 19:01


faders.pdf (26,426 bytes)

2012-05-25 19:01


transport_editor.pdf (25,694 bytes)


2012-05-27 16:08

administrator   ~0013301

need to figure out a place to put the PDFs before closing this.


2012-06-26 00:33

reporter   ~0013712

This is going to need to be reworked a bit. Some recent changes broke a couple of the bindings there. Also, I'm thinking it might make sense to use has_logic_controls in bcf2000.device (maybe rename to bcf2000_logic.device and adjust this profile accordingly since people are used to setting their bcf to LC mode for ardour.

I'll hunt down the changes and upload a new profile ASAP.

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