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0004874ardourbugspublic2012-06-21 03:12
Reportermoylando Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version2.8.12 
Target Version3.0 
Summary0004874: Reproducible crash when opening .ardour session
DescriptionI have an old project that I can open initially with the new version of Ardour I recently installed. However, after saving and closing subsequent attempts to open the file cause a crash. I can restore from a backup and repeat.

OS is OSX 10.7.3
Jack version is

Can provide a tar file of the session (243M gzip). I've attached the relevent portion of system.log
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2012-05-11 18:18


system.log (39,644 bytes)


2012-05-11 18:38

reporter   ~0013238

Actually, upon further testing, the restored file caused an Ardour crash twice, then opened on the 3rd attempt. When it opened it caused 2 other applications to crash:

MOTU Audio Setup (I'm using the 828mkII)
iChat crashed with a message about Jack


2012-05-11 18:43

reporter   ~0013239

"iChat quit unexpectedly while using the JackRouter plug-in."


2012-06-03 17:03

administrator   ~0013371

Could we get the .ardour file from the session as a starting point?

2012-06-06 04:01


may2410.ardour (53,301 bytes)


2012-06-06 04:03

reporter   ~0013391

I've uploaded the Ardour file. This is the older version that I was restoring from but even this doesn't seem to open for me now. When I attempt to open the file I get a window called 'Session Control' with an 'Audio Setup' tab. The only active options are 'Quit' and 'New'. Clicking 'New' crashes Ardour.


2012-06-12 17:13

administrator   ~0013486

Opens ok here.


2012-06-21 03:12

reporter   ~0013647

What about save / reopen cycles? No problems?

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