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0004852ardourfeaturespublic2012-04-25 14:32
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Summary0004852: Add outputs to the click/metronome
DescriptionRelated to 4830, it is nice to have the metronome available by flashing a led or a part of the screen.

I suggest to improve the click (which send the metronome sound on click_1 and click_2) to send the tempo.

Indeed the midi clock can not be used as there are 6 messages per 1/4 note.

Also there are no information to know for instance in a 4/4 if we are on the first quarter note or on the three others.
Additional InformationFrom now I can see 2 options

1) It sends also short tones on two more outputs. For instance two tones are sent: one of 9KHz on the 3rd output and the other of 18KHz on the 3rd and the 4th channel. By simple electronic to build and to connect to an output two leds or groups of led can flash.
1-bis) Similar to 1, the user mixes the 3rd and the 4th channel, but this time his electronics should be able to filter.
1-ter) fast vu-meters are used rather than a propitiatory electronics.

2) It uses the same logic than 1 but two more midi channel of the click sends 2 midi notes. While using small usb to midi boxes we can see the activity led flashing
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