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0004839ardourfeaturespublic2012-06-09 14:18
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Product Version3.0-beta3 
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Summary0004839: Add 2 checkbox functions to Edit>Appearances>Midi to have enable/disable midi port, and track record arm, follow selected track.
DescriptionAs the title suggests, both midi input state and record arm state can be optionally activated to follow the selcted midi track.

Use case example:

2 midi tracks.

Record arm and midi port for track 1 are enabled. If the checkboxes described above are both ticked as active, then selecting track 2 disables midi port input, and record arm for track 1, and enables midi port input and record arm for track 2.

This request is for working at speed writing midi, where i might record the 1st violins, use ALT + Down to select the violas, then record the violas immediately, without any further manual intervention enabling and disabling midi input port or record arm.
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