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0004837ardourbugspublic2012-06-18 23:48
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Product Version3.0-beta3 
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Summary0004837: Inserting a tempo change after recording midi throws notes and regions out of alignment in relation to the timeline position
DescriptionAfter recording some midi notes, and using the example of a note at Bar 5 Beat 1, if i insert a slower or tempo change just before that note, it should still be positioned at Bar 5 Beat 1.

It doesn't, and the note is now at Bar 6 Beat 2.

In addition to this, the region containing the notes is "pushed" further along the timeline than it should be.

This is repeatable.
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2012-04-12 14:13

reporter   ~0013118

Ok, further to the above, and more specifically, if a tempo change is added that corresponds with a part of a region, then the region is messed up when the tempo change is added.

If a region is present from Bar 5 to Bar 7, and i insert a tempo change at bar 6, then the region is pushed further along the timeline, and although the tempo change is successfully applied, the midi notes and the region are in a different place.

If i insert a tempo change in a place on the time line where no region exists, i.e. in a section of the timeline where no region has yet been added, then any subsequent midi recording/region addition behaves correctly.


2012-04-15 16:05

administrator   ~0013125

I can't reproduce this here. Can you provide a session which exhibits the problem, perhaps?


2012-05-17 14:27

administrator   ~0013257

Any news?


2012-05-17 20:02

reporter   ~0013261

Not as yet, still the same behaviour. I'm in the middle of moving house at the moment, so i'll get back to this on the other side.I've tried it with different sessions, including new ones.

More later.


2012-06-18 23:48

administrator   ~0013578

@alextone: any news?

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