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0000480ardourfeaturespublic2017-12-14 19:14
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Summary0000480: show/hide only certain parameters of the mixer, Samplitude style
DescriptionI do not use the notepads in any of the tracks and they really use a lot of space of my screen. There are many parameters of the mixer tracks which I rarely use; perhaps just once every session.
I propose making parts of the mixer windowhideable /showable.
A good example of a DAW which has this feature is Samplitude.
I also propose making the mixer window autosizeable:
when aplying a maximize to the mixer window, this one should expand itself and show only the tracks and busses and not any empty space after the tracks.
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2004-05-24 20:36

administrator   ~0000812

All additional features are on hold until 1.0 is put out the door.


2004-05-25 17:06

administrator   ~0000822

believe it or not, the mixer window does try to auto-size. it just gets it horribly wrong.


2004-05-25 17:07

administrator   ~0000823

btw, the WM maximise operation leaves the app with no choice about large it will be.


2004-06-05 12:25

reporter   ~0000973

what about showing/hiding parameters of the mixer?
That was the really important issue.


2004-06-05 15:03

administrator   ~0000974

what things, other than the note pad, would you hide? and what would get bigger when you hide things? we cannot enlarge the meters or fader strip, for example, not without an entirely new implementation of both.

personally, i think that there is very little fluff in the strips. the polarity and varispeed controls are perhaps the only two i can see.


2004-06-12 15:36

reporter   ~0001015

I just dont want the mixer to cover the entire screen
with stuff I really dont use


2013-02-11 17:46

reporter   ~0014644

Fixed in 3.0/SVN :)

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