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0004791ardourfeaturespublic2012-03-27 14:55
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Summary0004791: Traces of Groups in arduor mixer
Descriptionin the ardour' mixer now do you find buss tracks and arranged in order of creation.
I propose to add the group tracks CAN Also for the Individual Groups IN ardor mixer to handle all power more quickly from a single graphical interface.
my idea was to create a real track mixer (depends on the characteristics of the tracks) for each group with the opportunity 'to add plug-in and quickly mix prarticolari CREATE or adjust situations very "unpleasant" quickly (take for example UN chorus of voices, all of equalizate properly, but that overall iT Creino sums of frequencies that create mismatches, like in some high points sounds) and then we are left with the Voices equalizate all but Guste from patches of price, with another Simple Equalization of Group we will be able to re fix the situation without having to use this page to the creation of bus used for other things, taking UN controls most easily at hand, creating situations mix Details , Pleasant and easy, we can easily create groups and then put yourself into the mix with each other, senellendo Much of the work ..
Additional Informationquesto รจ la riscrizione di un altra segnalazione che per sbaglio ho scritto in lingua italiana ( numero 0004789) (url
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