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0004713ardourbugspublic2012-02-12 12:26
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Summary0004713: Removing plugins from strips by using delete key is inconsistent.
DescriptionIf you try to remove plugs or sends or similar objects from your mixer strips, you will have problems.

If you right click and chose delete from the menu, everyting is fine but if you click on a plug and press delete, 3 things can happen.

1. Nothing at all
2. Some other plug recently clicked on gets deleted,
3. The current plug gets deleted.
Additional InformationThere seem to be ways to ensure that number 3 happens and that is to click on the free space under or above the plug before selecting it. That makes sure the delet targets the current object.

It would be nice if this was consistent and that the last clicked object gets the "delete"
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2012-02-12 12:26

reporter   ~0012788

Ardour3 Beta3 on 64bit xbuntu 11.10

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