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0004711ardourotherpublic2012-02-11 22:45
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Summary0004711: Launch wizard improvements (Beta3)
DescriptionThe wizard in the beginning that says it's a beta also has three buttons.

Cancel (since it is a beta, thats appropriate)

Last (I would guess that should launch the last session but it doesn't) it just skip some other pages of the wizard,right ?

Forward (which could mean Next page, Is forward a better word than Next ?)
I really do not know but people are probably more used to next/previous than forward/back..
Additional InformationIf you click Last, you get a page where you create a new session or you have to go back to open an existing session.

If you decide to create a new session and give the session a name, you are then supposed to press "Open" (Should really be "Create")

Sorry for my bad non-native english :-)
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