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0004704ardourbugspublic2013-01-22 22:00
Reporterwicked_boy Assigned Topaul  
Status assignedResolutionreopened 
Target Version3.0 
Summary0004704: svn 11469 slow or no response from BCF-2000 (generic mode)
DescriptionWhen using the BCF2000 ardour seems to have a slow or non-existent response to the faders.. and also the Mute button (which throws the faders down to 0 very quickly)

I tested the same features with an edirol PCR 300 and did not have the same issues (weird)

I tested the device against 2.8.12 and found the response to be very snappy ruling out an issue with the device or midi configuration


related to 0005296 closedx42 "motorized" flag for MIDI controllers is not stored in session or user preferences 



2012-02-09 02:43

reporter   ~0012769

retested again with PCR and did notice that with fast movements ardour would lose track of the controller so this doesn't appear lmiited to the BCF but is more pronounced


2012-02-10 03:44

reporter   ~0012774

btw - if it's of any use I am using kernel 3.0.14 with RT patches.


2012-03-07 14:42

administrator   ~0012875

Are you using the generic surfaces code? If so, could you try again with recent SVN and see if it's any better?


2012-03-08 02:16

reporter   ~0012879

generic surfaces code.. I will try this weekend.


2012-03-12 03:50

reporter   ~0012899

hi now testing on revision 11646. it's improved to the point of being usable .. but still happens


2012-03-18 01:30

manager   ~0012957

i also use the bcf in generic mode, and fast movements cause ardour to lose tracking. the fader seems to enter catch mode (which would be useful for non-motorized faders, but not for the bcf), and i have to move the fader slowly over the current controller value for ardour to continue tracking.

blind guess: either the update rate is too low or ardour's tolerance towards controller jumps is.


2012-03-18 01:53

administrator   ~0012959

Assuming that you have (at some stage) done a waf install of Ardour, can you chaps both check that /usr/local/share/ardour3/midi_maps/ contains a line like

<DeviceInfo bank-size="8" motorised="yes"/>

toward the top? the motorised="yes" part should turn off the `catch' behaviour.

I think A3 may look in /usr/local/share for midi maps before looking in the source tree.


2012-03-18 02:00

manager   ~0012960

Last edited: 2012-03-18 02:01

where would the bcf map come into play? i never told ardour i had a bcf. all i did was enable /generic/ midi support, assign a few controllers manually, and enable midi feedback. is there a way to turn off catch behaviour for generic midi devices as well?

(btw, yes i have the bcf map file, and yes, it contains the motorized="yes" attribute)


2012-03-18 02:40

administrator   ~0012961

The map would come into play if you'd double-clicked on the generic surface in prefs and selected it. I'll have to think about how to present the "motorized" option for manual assignment.


2012-03-19 01:23

reporter   ~0012969

Hi, I'd ust like to reiterate .. I have this problem with an Edirol PCR 300 as well.

It performs the same behaviour and goes into catch mode ..

I'm also not using a MIDI map for the BCF (Although learning how to use one might not be a bad idea)


2012-03-19 01:35

administrator   ~0012970

nettings: your problems should be fixed if you double-click the "Generic Surface" in the prefs and then enable the "motorised" check button (in current SVN).


2012-04-02 06:11

reporter   ~0013064

Hi CTH103 ..

With the BCR I changed the prefs to motorised and this seems to have fixed the problem.. for the BCR.. I have to check for the edirol again..


2012-04-02 10:39

manager   ~0013066

cth103, sorry for not getting back to this earlier. yes, the "motorized" toggle fixes the problem for me.

would it be possible to store this setting? i think it should be in the user's global settings, but per-session would be fine as well if that's easier.

cheers, jörn


2012-04-04 13:27

reporter   ~0013077

so the PCR-300 which isn't motorised displays the same behaviour, if the fader is moved fast it goes into latch, unless it is in motorised mode ... weird eh!!


2012-11-12 21:44

administrator   ~0014219

this is likely irrelevant at this point after many changes to generic MIDI code and the new MIDI binding maps.

confirmation would be useful, otherwise will mark resolved in 1 week.


2012-12-19 22:23

administrator   ~0014379

see notes.


2013-01-22 21:59

manager   ~0014565

no, it's not. ardour will still easily lose track of the BCF's faders even during not-so-rapid movements, and then switch to catch mode. only the "motorized" flag makes it behave as expected.

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