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0004696ardourfeaturespublic2012-02-09 20:19
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Summary0004696: Enhance the "d" duplicate part(s) feature
Descriptionif two (or more) parts (same track) are selected, duplicate so that the first goes after the last part (currently everything is copied after the first part, superimposing parts). quantize the first duplicated part to selected grid (if any, keep timings of later parts).

if two or more parts on multiple tracks are selected duplicate so that the leftmost selected part (first part of all tracks) copies to the end of the rightmost selected part (last of all tracks). this allows for easy looping of "uneven" selections (like a drumpattern). quantize as above.
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if existing parts would get superimposed in the process, inform and ask if the user wants to proceed (maybe add some more options, like moving those other parts away).

maybe this all can be done already, i am not a ardour sensei (yet). i just felt that the "d" feature gives unexpected results for multiple parts by superimposing stuff.
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