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0004650ardourbugspublic2012-01-23 20:32
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Product Version2.8.12 
Summary0004650: Cannot pay for Ardour download using Paypal - Error sez no UTF-8 characters????
DescriptionTrying to download Ardour and submit payment via Paypal, but Paypal will not accept my email address (ID) saying that it includes UTF-8 characters. It is a standard email address (eg: and there seems to be no way to pay using another system or download a test copy of the software to evaluate.
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2012-01-23 16:06

administrator   ~0012616

what is your email address?


2012-01-23 18:18

reporter   ~0012620


2012-01-23 18:59

administrator   ~0012622

using google to read up on this error suggests that it is caused by some issue with cookies stored by your browser. i've read at least a dozen articles that make it appear that whatever the issue is, its not something we can fix at Have you contacted PayPal about the issue?


2012-01-23 19:01

administrator   ~0012623

see, for example:


2012-01-23 19:56

reporter   ~0012626

As <of.that.ilk> said in the above ebay thread post, I cleared all of my Firefox caches too but I've tried the Paypal transaction thru Firefox, Opera, both in PC and Mac. (Haven't tried Linux or Win Internet Explorer yet.... hmmm).
I also sent a $$ transfer to a friend via Paypal.. no problem. Works perfectly. I'm thinking that the Ardour location (ISP/country?) or specific Paypal applet has a UTF-8 filter applied, but I'll try Internet Explorer right now and see what happens.



2012-01-23 20:00

reporter   ~0012627

Nope. IE reports the same error. I flushed all IE history/caches and tried multiple addresses. It won't eat the "@" sign but spits out a "%40" code instead.
ie: becomes and throws an error.


2012-01-23 20:32

reporter   ~0012630

Hmm??? Problem solved???
Maybe... I was using "" and I think Paypal doesn't like the ".net" address, but strangely enough, it works ok in North America.
I had a friend (on a different Internet provider) enter with his email address (.com) and he gained entry no problem.
  I still think that my SMTP is converting the outgoing mail to UTF-8.
Just tried it again with "" and Paypal accepted it. I'll try it again with and see if it bounces again.


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