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0004606ardourbugspublic2012-06-11 23:28
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Summary0004606: Export problem for virtual instruments on secondary midi tracks
DescriptionI've made a midi recording with A3rev11128 to a track called "MIDI". In order to do playback of this midi on multiple virtual instruments I have added 2 extra midi tracks (labelled Pianoteq and Salamander) to which I have added respectively a Pianoteq and linuxsampler plugins. I route the (midi) output of MIDI to these 2 tracks. This way I can have simultaneous playback of MIDI on 2 different instruments. This method works fine when you playback within Ardour. However when you do an export the resulting WAV file is blank (but has the proper file size - i.e. a null waveform is output to the WAV file).

If I put a plugin directly on the MIDI track then the exported WAV is OK.

So it appears that there is a bug in doing an export when you route midi to secondary midi tracks with virtual instrument plugins.
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2012-01-01 21:02


111230.tgz (59,046 bytes)


2012-01-01 21:07

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Also note: I did export to CD quality - no other export options tried.
I had removed the LinuxSampler plugin in the uploaded file, to see if that made a difference, but it does not.

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