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0004586ardourbugspublic2011-12-26 20:21
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Product Version3.0-beta1 
Target Version3.0 
Summary0004586: No MIDI feedback parameters are send when open a project
DescriptionFor now it is impossible to use a MIDI controller with feedback feature (i.e. BCR2000) because none of the assigned parameters are send out by ardour when opening a project. That means, that after starting a project you have to move all controllers to synchronize them with the values and the values in the project will jump to a new value.

In ardour 2 I had the following steps to make it work:
1) Start ardour but not chose a project
2) connect ardour with the controller via alsa MIDI (i.e. qjackctl)
3) open a project

The result was, that ardour sent all the values to controller and they were synchronized.

With ardour 3 it is not even possible to connect it with jack midi before opening a project, because ardour appears in the list only after a project is loaded. After that, when I connect ardour t a controller and open an other project, no parameters are send. Sometimes ardour crashes when opening an other project, but I do not know, whether it is because of the connection via midi.

Is there a possibility to make this feature working again in ardour 3?
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