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0004576ardourbugspublic2011-12-20 20:21
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Summary0004576: With many tracks in mixer window there is no "empty" area to right-click for context menu
DescriptionWith enough tracks in mixer window to produce left/right scroller, there is never any blank area to right of rightmost track. The only way that i can find to facilitate a right button mouse click to, for example, add a new track is to keep "pushing" window to the left and enlarging the window until the window is wide enough to no longer require the scroller.
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2011-12-20 11:43

administrator   ~0012429

You can add a new track by clicking the "+" button under the list of tracks on the left hand side of the mixer. I'm not sure how else one would present the add-track dialogue on right-click when the window is full; any suggestions?


2011-12-20 18:00

reporter   ~0012431

Ah, good. i figured there must be another way to create tracks in the mixer view. Still, i wonder if it might be smart to leave a little (1/2 track's worth, maybe) of empty space to the right of the rightmost track when the scroll is active. My normal work flow has always been to right-click to the *right* of the *rightmost* track to add a new track to the *right* . A bit odd to have to the button on the *left* of the view to add a track to the *right* when there are "too many" tracks. Just a thought.

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