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0004550ardourfeaturespublic2012-04-19 22:15
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PlatformIntel Core2 DuoOSGentoo amd64 + Pro-Audio overlayOS Versionstable/unstable
Target Version3.X 
Summary0004550: bindable actions for playlist
Descriptionthis is a request to have bindable Actions (for both key shortcuts and MIDI mappings) for the following playlist functions of the currently selected route:

+ popup the playlist menu (i.e. clicking on the "p" for a route), which could then be navigated by arrow keys+enter
+ rename current playlist (Rename ...)
+ create a new playlist (New ...)
+ create a new playlist that is a copy of the current one (New Copy ...)
+ clear current playlist contents (Clear Current)
+ select from all playlists (Select From All ...)

when more than one route is selected, the behavior should try to mimic the existing behavior when a playlist function is selected (i.e. i *think* the last selected route would be selected (thereby unselecting the rest), UNLESS a group is selected which has the select option enabled).

for us keyboard junkies, manipulating the playlist w/o the mouse would be a real workflow improvement and time saver.

as per discussions on IRC, playlist/take management is a post 3.0, so more complex (and useful) prev/next playlist bindable Actions are not currently possible. however, this functionality would help make playlist management a little easier in the meantime.
Additional InformationNOTE: it would suffice for now just to have a bindable Action to bring up the playlist (p) menu (the automation (a) & group (g) menus would be nice too) for manipulation by arrow keys+enter
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