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0004539ardourfeaturespublic2011-12-07 17:12
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PlatformIntel Core2 DuoOSGentoo amd64 + Pro-Audio overlayOS Versionstable/unstable
Target Version3.X 
Summary0004539: auto scroll Region list to make highlighted regions visible
Descriptionrelated/adding on to (which seems to be implemented), it would be nice to have the currently selected region in the Editor timeline area not only highlighted (as is already done) in the Region list of the Editor List, but also to automatically scroll the Region list so that the highlighted region is visible, preferably centered vertically.

for the case when multiple regions are selected in the Editor, the Region list could show a) preferably only the regions selected, or b) the first selected region in the list.

just an idea, thanks as always.
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