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0004536ardourfeaturespublic2011-12-07 10:55
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Summary0004536: assign shortcut to quickly remove in- and outputs in port matrix
Descriptionwhen working with multichannel formats (particularly ambisonics), ardour often guesses wrong when creating new busses: the number of output ports always equals the number of input ports at the master. often however, a plain stereo bus or some lower-order ambisonics group is desired, making the removal of ports a common chore.

reducing a 16-port output to stereo in a typical ambi session requires several complicated actions:

open port matrix
hover over port number
hover over sub-menu entry
move into sub-menu, hover over "remove port no. X"

repeat this 14 times, and you'll have bite marks in your desk sooner or later.

i'd like to suggest to bind the delete key or a similar shortcut (such as shift-right-click, which is otherwise used to remove processors) to this task, active only when the mouse is hovering over a port number in the matrix (i.e. when this port gets outlined in red). the short-cut should be made discoverable by spelling it out in the context menu.

an "add midi port" and "add audio port" button would be very welcome, too. they could be placed in the corner between the row and column titles. since room is sparse, something like "+A" and "+M" could do, with appropriate tooltips.
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2011-12-07 01:44

administrator   ~0012318

Shift right-click to delete ports is in SVN 10920.

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