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0004449ardourfeaturespublic2012-01-18 19:01
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Summary0004449: Simple MIDI velocity interpolation
DescriptionI'm aware there are a couple of other requests filed for both extensive MIDI velocity editing capabilities and numerous other functions to potentially add to the MIDI editor but I felt the need to post a feature request specifically for a very simple MIDI velocity interpolation function that if we're super lucky could hopefully get implemented in time for the beta as I know a number of people have requested such a feature.

I'm not sure how other MIDI editors do this without the aid of a dedicated velocity editor but the way I envision it working is as follows. The user selects a range of MIDI notes with the mouse then they can either right click on the notes and choose 'Interpolate velocity' or if we have any key combos left then maybe it could be achieved by one of them too (CTRL+I or ALT+I would be ideal if they're not already used). The function then compares and interpolates the velocity using values of the far top left and far top right notes of the selection. All notes within the selected range then get their values adjusted so as to to form as smooth a gradient as poss. from one end to the other if those two values differ, overwriting any previous velocity data.
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