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0004448ardourbugspublic2012-06-19 21:42
Reporternowhiskey Assigned Tocth103  
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Target Version3.0 
Summary0004448: if we use 'narrow mixer strips', they look cutted up

if we use 'narrow mixer strips', they look cutted up.

*stereo audio track:

   -the name field cutted up
   -input button cutted up
   -phase inverse right channel cutted up
   -fader button cutted up

*mono audio track:

   -name field
   -input button
   -phase reverse button
   -fader button

*mono track non layered mode:

   -the same like mono track

*mono track tapemode:

   -the same like mono track

*mono bus:

   -the same like mono track

*midi track:

   -name field
   -midi input button

*all the ones where the fader is cutted up, also other stuff inserted into the processor box is cutted up.

there are other kind of tracks, which are not affected by this issue:
*stereo track tape mode:

   -not affected

*stereo track non layered mode:

   -not affected

*stereo bus:

   -not affected

*master bus:

   -not affected
*also evrything underneath the fader is not affected by this issue.

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2011-11-04 16:47

administrator   ~0011916

Can we get a screenshot?

2011-11-04 18:12


mixer01.png (15,433 bytes)   
mixer01.png (15,433 bytes)   


2011-11-04 18:25

reporter   ~0011918

here you go with the screenshot.

the 2 busses on the end are mono and stereo bus.



2011-11-14 16:53

administrator   ~0012009

Does this always happen for you?


2011-11-16 15:17

reporter   ~0012087

yes, also by only using the visual widget at the top of the mixer strip, if i set a channel strip into a narrow mode, some elements are cutted up.



2012-06-19 13:23

administrator   ~0013600

Fixed in SVN 12778, I think.


2012-06-19 18:07

reporter   ~0013619

Last edited: 2012-06-19 18:11


well done for now.

in a mono audio track / bus, still the stuff in the redirect box is cutted up.

also in a midi track, the stuff in the redirect box looks cutted up untill i add a instrument into it.

i ll attach another screen shot...

here you see, the first two channels are a mono audio channel and a mono bus, than comes a midi channel with an instrument inserted, another mono audio channel and finally a midi channel w/out a instument, say - just created.

hope it's possible to understand what i see?!



p.s. i just realized that after restarting the session, the tracks/busses looks ok, if i have inserted sth into it... not easy to explain, feel free to ask me questions.

2012-06-19 18:12


rev12783.png (12,505 bytes)   
rev12783.png (12,505 bytes)   


2012-06-19 20:11

reporter   ~0013625

i cleared this a little for me know.

if i add a stereo plugin to a mono track, after restarting the session the content of the redirect box looks ok here.

if i add a mono plugin to a redirect box, even after the reload of the session, the content looks cutted up.

once i add a stereo plugin, everything good.



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