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0004435ardourbugspublic2011-11-02 23:16
Reporterstanislav Assigned To 
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Product Version2.8.12 
Target Version2.8.13 
Summary0004435: MIDI assignment for plugins can not be reload after open a saved session

I have found some information about this bug here but there is no information about, how it can be solved or is it solved anyway.

When assign some MIDI Controller to the elements in Ardour with generec MIDI, everything according (volume, soso buttons ...) is saved sucsessfully and can be reloaded on the next time.

While starting the following message appears:
"[WARNING]: Generic MIDI control: controllable 122 not found in session (ignored)"

But not the assignments for the LADSPA Plugins.

Here are the issues, which handle this question.

Please write some informaiton, what the point about this bug is.

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