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0004409ardourotherpublic2011-11-01 09:26
Reporterroyvegard Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version3.0-beta1 
Summary0004409: [PATCH] When deselecting a plug-in button, it also becomes inactive
DescriptionThis patch fixes the deactivation (dark led and gray text) of the plug-in buttons when they are deselected.
Steps To Reproduce1. Click the text part of any activated (not bypassed) plug-in in the mixer strip.
2. Click the text part of another plug-in in the same channel or click on the black area, to deselect the plug-in button.
The button will indicate that the plug-in is not active, i.e. the led is dark and text is gray.
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2011-10-30 16:09


plug_in_button.patch (406 bytes)   
diff --git a/gtk2_ardour/ b/gtk2_ardour/
index ce33f61..eda5658 100644
--- a/gtk2_ardour/
+++ b/gtk2_ardour/
@@ -162,6 +162,8 @@ ProcessorEntry::set_visual_state (Gtk::StateType t)
 	case Gtk::STATE_NORMAL:
+		_button.unset_visual_state ();
+		break;
 		_button.unset_visual_state ();
 		_button.unset_active_state ();
plug_in_button.patch (406 bytes)   


2011-11-01 09:24

manager   ~0011848

looks like paul didn't see your patch unfortunately, but he fixed the issue nonetheless. works for me so i'm closing this, please shout if you run into further issues.

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