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0004309ardourbugspublic2012-06-22 11:52
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Target Version3.0 
Summary0004309: Ardour3 crashes on some MIDI input
DescriptionArdour crashes when I press bank/program change buttons on my Korg X50. On a button press, keyboard emits few MIDI messages: 2 CC bank changes, 1 program change, SYSEX message 256 bytes long and two 'unknown' MIDI events (gmidimon screenshot is attached)
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2011-09-05 18:02


midi_dump1.png (16,691 bytes)   
midi_dump1.png (16,691 bytes)   


2011-11-15 01:09

administrator   ~0012024

Was the X50 connected to an Ardour track at the time? Were you recording?


2011-11-15 08:13

reporter   ~0012030

Yes, X50 was connected to an Ardour track. Crash happens both if recording is going on and also if Ardour is just 'idle'.


2012-03-09 17:28

reporter   ~0012888

I updated Ardour to the latest svn version. Bug still exists. Before crashing it reports:
/home/igor/build/ardour3/libs/evoral/evoral/midi_util.h:97: int Evoral::midi_event_size(const uint8_t*): Assertion `(buffer[end] & 0x80) == 0' failed.


2012-06-22 11:47

administrator   ~0013656

the output from your X50 is an illegal MIDI stream.

nevertheless, ardour should probably be able to ignore it.


2012-06-22 11:52

administrator   ~0013657

actually, on reflection, this is probably a bug in the ALSA/JACK MIDI bridge code (whichever one you are using, a2jmidid or something else).

the sysex event is too long to fit into the MIDI buffer, and the bridge splits it across multiple process cycles, which violates the sematics of JACK MIDI.

this bug will likely go away if you specify a much larger MIDI buffer size for JACK with the -M argument. See the man page of jackd for details.

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