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0004272ardourfeaturespublic2011-08-19 11:46
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Summary0004272: Tempo (and Meter?) interpretation from external MIDI clock source
DescriptionIn current versions of Ardour (last checked 2 weeks please close if this is now available).. When synced to external MIDI clock the editor window retains tempo and meter information entered in or left as default.. e.g. 120 bpm 4/4 timing.

For good readability when synchronising to external sequencers it would be much better if the tempo was able to adjust according to the MIDI clock input, as such measure lines in the editor and bar:beat information would match the external sequencer (soft or hardware based)... Ideally it would also derive the meter, but if this is not possible simply deriving the tempo from the manually entered in meter..

Presently I need to enter in the tempo manually which can be tedious when working on a song as I often change my mind..
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2011-08-17 12:42

administrator   ~0011364

MIDI Clock provides no meter information. The sender & receiver either have to make an assumption about the meter or exchange the information via some other mechanism.


2011-08-17 22:55

reporter   ~0011366

Thanks Paul.. then it would still be a major improvement if it just interpreted the tempo based on the user input meter combined with the MIDI clock signal...(on further reference I noticed this is how other MIDI sequencers do it..)..

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