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0004178ardourbugspublic2011-07-13 19:41
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Product Version2.8.11 
Summary0004178: Crash while using MIDI Coltroller and load a Snap Shot
DescriptionWhen assigned a MIDI CC to any element in Ardour, your are able to connect the MIDI ports for IN and OUT with an external MIDI device (BCR2000 for me, or VMPK as a test) and then load a saved session.

This works just fine and the parameters are send to the MIDI device well. After that, all work (changing the CC value with the controller changes the value in Ardour and the other way around.

But if you save a snapshot and then load a snapshot or reopen the session you still can change the values in Aardour and they will send changes to the controller. But after starting to use the controller ardour crashes immediately.

No dependence on the controller (tested with BCR2000 and VMPK).
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duplicate of 0003679 new Crash using nanoKontrol after opening a second or subsequent session 



2011-07-13 18:10

reporter   ~0011117

Here is the same behaviour mentioned:

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