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0004173ardourfeaturespublic2012-04-24 23:57
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Target Version3.0 
Summary0004173: a3 startup window "set_keep_above()"
DescriptionI would prefer that the startup screen does not always stay on top of other windows. There have been several occasions when after launching ardour, I will open nautilus to manage folders and have to move the startup window out of the way.

I realize that others may prefer the current setting, in which case, it's an easy modification to suit my personal preference.
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2011-07-12 16:52

reporter   ~0011103

+1 for the identical reasons: Ardour can take a while to load a large session, and my laptop screen gets eaten by the Ardour splash screen in the meantime. maybe an GSettings/GConf/config option, if not in Preferences?


2012-01-18 18:59

administrator   ~0012569

keep-above should only apply to other windows from the same window class and client. what window managers are you using?


2012-01-20 11:17

reporter   ~0012589

GNOME 2/Metacity 2.30.3


2012-01-20 11:27

reporter   ~0012592

note that with SVN 11255, not only the splash screen, but the "wizard" dialogs, etc. also are always on top. not until the session is loaded is a window not blocking other app windows.

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