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0004044ardourfeaturespublic2011-05-16 18:59
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Summary0004044: Something needs to be done about the Region context menu.
DescriptionIMO, there's too much stuff in it.

There's some low-hanging fruit, however. In many cases, there are irrelevant items. Could they be completely hidden when they're irrelevant? Some examples:

* "Remove Sync" is, I think, irrelevant to a region which has no sync point defined
* "Pitch Shift" and "Transpose" will never both be relevant at the same time.
* "Make mono regions" is unnecessary for mono regions is just silly.
* Is the functionality of "Loop" provided by the "Ranges" submenu? Could it be moved there?
* "Close Gaps" is grayed out when only one region is selected. It clearly doesn't need to be there.
* The "Layering" menu doesn't need to be there when a region isn't overlapping anything.
* The "MIDI" menu doesn't need to be there for audio regions, nor the "gain" menu for MIDI regions.
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2011-05-15 20:22

administrator   ~0010745

There is an argument, supported by the GNOME HIG, that menu items shouldn't be removed when they are not applicable. See

under Command Items

for their rationale.


2011-05-16 15:56

reporter   ~0010751

Yep. Las brought this up in IRC the other day.

I'm going to mark this "Acknowledged" because, given the GNOME HIG, I'm mostly out of ideas for simplifying the menu, but I think somehow it still needs to be done.


2011-05-16 15:58

reporter   ~0010752

Issue has been acknowledged by developers. Issue might be closed later or another solution could be forthcoming.

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