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0004040ardourbugspublic2012-05-31 21:46
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Summary0004040: Drop outs in a session even during export
DescriptionAs mentioned yesterday in the IRC I have a serious problem with a session. At some point ardour produces drop outs while playing back and when exporting a range. I made a tar.gz file of the session and you may download it from (9Gb).

I have two drop outs. First at position 00:45:13 and second one a little bit later. It results in a short moment of silence.
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2012-01-16 20:43

administrator   ~0012557

Hi Herbie,

Could you just upload the .ardour file. 9 GByte is a bit much to have a quick look.. I suspect that the problem is related to [volume] automation on one of the tracks.

I've experienced a similar problem - small periods of silence - during export: they're not actually drop-outs but NaN signals. The fix was to remove all negative volume automation points in the .ardour session file.

discussed on 09/27/2011 - [Ardour-Dev] ardour3 + automation + fader-desk.


2012-05-25 00:31

administrator   ~0013293

what would be really helpful when this happens is to see the .ardour file from within the session folder so that we can check automation values. its not very big - just attach it to this bug report.

2012-05-28 10:41


demofunky.ardour (928,030 bytes)


2012-05-31 21:45

administrator   ~0013340

I can't reproduce this, sadly.

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