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0003982ardourfeaturespublic2011-07-11 13:53
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Product Version3.0-alpha4 
Target Version3.X 
Summary0003982: Drag and drop midi track expansion is cumbersome to use
DescriptionI think it should be better to set a fixed editing size to a midi track (from preferences) and put two buttons to shrink and expand the track vertically. While drag and drop is meaningful for audio tracks, its not meaningful for midi because its better for a user to get used to a fixed size workflow. Also shrinking the size while playing a midi track slows ardour's UI and can affect performance negatively.
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2011-04-17 13:12

administrator   ~0010571

When you say "drag and drop" do you mean dragging the track's height?


2011-04-17 13:45

reporter   ~0010572

Last edited: 2011-04-17 13:46

Yes, I should say track height. Also two buttons are not necessary one interchanging button is enough.


2011-07-11 13:53

administrator   ~0011068

1) the track resize handle has been removed
2) drag-n-drop resizing is still possible
3) there are 5 preset track heights available from the track context menu. if you prefer fixed sizes, use these. it takes 3 clicks to pick one.
4) there are keybindings to increase and decrease the height of selected tracks
5) i don't see the workflow issue of allowing tracks to be different sizes
6) yes, track resizing is relatively CPU intensive, so choosing to do it during playback is probably a mistake. but the operative word, surely, is "choosing" ?

in short, i don't really see any action to be taken on this bug.

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