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0003853ardourfeaturespublic2011-03-15 14:09
ReporterScardanelli Assigned To 
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Product VersionMixbus 1.5 
Target Version2.8.12 
Summary0003853: Markers feature request
DescriptionI'd love to be able to:

a/ double click on a marker to edit its name.
b/ Open a pane showing all Markers, clicking on any marker would then send playhead to location.
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2011-03-14 13:22

reporter   ~0010350

for b: have a look into menu->window->locations
i think there you can do exactelly what you want.

for a: , i am agreed with you, that double click for renaming is a good idea, altough we can already do this with the RMB context menu.



2011-03-14 14:02

reporter   ~0010351

Thanks for that! It's the terminology thing - locations, of course! So now my a/ is less important. Would be nice to keep the locations screen on top, same with mixer, though now someone will tell me there's a way to do this? At the moment using Mixbus on a Macbook Pro, screen space is tight, be useful to keep small version of locations open - I see too that the minimum size of locations is not that small and it isn't possible to hide the lower pane - Range (CD Track) Markers.

The disappearing windows is about the only really annoying feature (!) of Mixbus - rather a Cubase behaviour, and I hated Cubase for this so much (OK many other things too....) it became necessary to migrate to Mac and Logic. If there were a selector on each pop-up window that allowed "stay on top"that'd be useful.


2011-03-15 13:22

administrator   ~0010359

just FYI: in ardour3, the locations window no longer exists and is part of the left-hand side tabbed notebook that also contains the region list, track list and more.

it is actually quite tricky to create windows for the mac that both stay-on-top and can go below another, depending on user preferences.


2011-03-15 14:09

administrator   ~0010361

err, my last comment was wrong. the window does still exist, but its contents are replicated in the tab. and the tab is on the right hand side,not the left ;)

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