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0003843ardourbugspublic2011-03-09 15:23
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Product VersionMixbus 1.5 
Target Version2.8.12 
Summary0003843: SSL AU plugin setting not saved
DescriptionWhat a shame, as I start to build a mix from scratch with audio files imported from Logic, I find that the saved session DOES NOT retain settings of my SSL X-Verb AU plug in.
Using SSL X-Verb Native, AU plugin.

Modify parameters in preset.
Save session.
Close session.
Re-open session.
SSL setting not stored, reverts to original preset.

Additional InformationThis is one of my most favoured go-to reverbs so puts a big no no on any mix projects being completed in Mixbus for the time being -

Meantime I have to save the patch within X-Verb, annoying but do-able I suppose - I always start from a preset and then adjust accordingly, never need to save these changes in Logic. Makes me a bit nervous as I won't know what other plug-ins aren't being properly saved until I reload a session and find all my lovely EQs and Comps at preset settings!

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