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0003840ardourbugspublic2011-03-07 22:43
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Target Version3.X 
Summary0003840: grey gap on MIDI auto lanes
DescriptionA grey strip (as highlighted in attached pic) as wide as the pianoroll is drawn on all MIDI auto lanes under 9099
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2011-03-07 20:52


greygap.png (124,182 bytes)   
greygap.png (124,182 bytes)   


2011-03-07 22:37

administrator   ~0010318

That's pretty hard to avoid, I think. What do you suggest should go there?


2011-03-07 22:43

reporter   ~0010319

I'd like to rephrase this report so the summary could do with being updated appropriately if this is to stay as a suggestion.

Currently when you expand a MIDI track vertically enough so that the virtual MIDI keyboard strip appears you instantly lose as many horizontal pixels as are used in displaying this keyboard on ALL tracks, MIDI or not. It would be better if the MIDI keyboard could slide out and obscure that MIDI track whilst not having to horizontally shrink the whole display area of the editor.

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