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0003794ardourbugspublic2011-05-21 18:54
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Summary0003794: recorded midi notes do not display in their track view across restarts of a3

I'm noticing that after I recorded a midi track in ardour3 I can see and edit the notes during the current session. If I restart ardour3 and re open the previous session, the midi notes do not display in the editor window. The note information is still there because I can playback the track (routed to a synth in qjackctl) and hear the recorded notes they just don't display on the screen. I have expanded the track view to a size where the notes are othewise easily visible with the piano roll showing to the left of the track.

Let me know if you want an example and I can attach a session which exhibits this behavior.

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2011-02-26 10:45

administrator   ~0010181

Yes, please attach an example session.


2011-03-02 03:33

reporter   ~0010243

Hi cth103:

My session folders exceed the 5000K size limit for an upload to the ticket system. are there a subset of files I should attach that may have the relevant information you need to look at?

Thanks for looking at this.


2011-03-09 18:22

administrator   ~0010330

Hi. If you are still seeing this problem, perhaps you could use or similar to send it to my email address? (cth at You could probably send it there direct, if you like, as long as it's not too enormous.


2011-05-21 18:54

administrator   ~0010782

Any update on this?

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