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0003785ardourbugspublic2012-05-23 15:07
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Summary0003785: behaviour of the zoom tool
DescriptionAt revision 8881

-create new session
-alt+i some audio
-change into zoom modus by pressing 'z'
-the zoom tool is represented by an '+'
-now rightclick into the region
-the zoom tool still is a '+' and we are zooming in to the region
-now MMB click at the region
-the zoom tool is still a '+' but we are zooming out of the region
-also, sometimes, when left click at the region, it happens that we zoom for several zoom levels with one click.
-now hold the 'ctrl' key, the zoom tool changes to '-'
-leftclick into the region, we are zooming out
-MMB click into the region, the view changes to 'zoom to session' which might be right and expected behavior.

Additional Informationit would be good perhaps, if when in zoom mode, simply left click and mmb click would do the zoom in/out and when we hold 'ctrl', leftclick and MMB click would do the action of vertical zooming. that would help a lot to the people who only has an 1024X768 screen resolution, see here:
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2011-02-17 17:39

administrator   ~0010142

What do you think should happen to the mouse cursor when we are MMB clicking?

I like the idea of putting vertical zoom onto these clicks, but I'm a little worried that there will be different opinions about what to put where :)


2011-02-17 20:14

reporter   ~0010146

for the steps 7+8- if we use MMB and are zoomig out, the zoom tool should change and show '-'. now it is showing '+' for zoomig in (left mouse button) and zoomig out (mmb).

for the other part: why not simply using:

-LMB - zoom in
-MMB - zoom out
-ctrl + LMB - vertical zoom in (the tracks grove higher)
-ctrl + MMB - vertical zoom out (the tracks become less high)



2011-02-17 20:26

administrator   ~0010148

Last edited: 2011-02-17 20:27

If the zoom tool is showing '+', and we click MMB, when should it show '-'? For the duration of the click? For a little while after the click?

I'm not entirely sure how many people have middle mouse buttons, and how easy they are to use... mine for example is a scroll-wheel and is not particularly comfortable to click.


2011-02-17 20:39

reporter   ~0010149

Last edited: 2011-02-17 20:39

hmm, ok.
it would be kinda elegant if when we click the MMB the zoom changes to '-' for that long untill we click LMB.
whant i mean is, perhaps just keeping the last what was used '+/-' for LMB/MMB.
so when i use LMB the zoom tool changes to '+' and it stays in '+' untill i use the MMB. than it should change to '-' and stay in '-' untill i change it to '+' again, by using the LMB.


2011-02-17 22:36

administrator   ~0010150

Last edited: 2011-02-17 22:46

I made shift+click do vertical zoom in zoom mode (SVN 8897). Can you tell me again what the suggestion was for the middle mouse button?


2011-02-18 00:37

reporter   ~0010156

perhaps shift + MMB for shrinking the tracks again?

we now have:

-LMB - zoom in
-ctrl+LMB - zoom out
-shift + LMB - tracks larger suggestions:

-shift + MMB - shrinking the tracks again

-MMB - zoom to session
-ctrl + MMB - zoom to region


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